Mark Gooch Commercial Photography, Birmingham, Alabama and Mississippi professional advertising
Mark Gooch Commercial Photography, Birmingham, Alabama and Mississippi professional advertising
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I  was one of the photographers that THE RICHARDS GROUP hired to make the pictures for the Super Bowl TV commercial "God Made A Farmer". All the pictures I made were produced the month before the Super Bowl. I found the farmers and supplied all the production to create these new pictures. I worked 18 days traveling to visit some amazing farmers in the American South. I felt very fortunate to be included in this project.

Paul Harvey Dodge Ram Truck Super Bowl Commercial "God Made A Farmer" from Adpressive on Vimeo.

This is a picture I made earlier for The Museum of Alabama. It will be the last picture you see in the permanent collection. Pictured are three famous Gee's Bend Quilters. Louisiana Bendolph, her mother Rita Mae (Rabbit), and her Mother-in-law Mary Lee Bendolph. this link will take you to a short oral history: "We think of inheriting as land or something, not things that people teach you. We came from cotton fields, we came through hard times, and we look back and see what all these people before us have done. They brought us here and to say thank you is not enough." -Louisiana P. Bendolph, Gees Bend quilter, 2006
The Richards Group hired me and nine other photographers to make pictures for a Super Bowl ad featuring Paul Harvey reading "On the Eighth Day God Made a Farmer". This started what the client RAM referred to as the year of the farmer. Now RAM has teamed with National Geographic to publish this book with pictures we made in January of this year. All money from the sale of these books goes to a great group, Future Farmers of America.
The current issue of Visual Communication Quarterly has a picture of mine on the cover and a gallery of pictures with a Q&A from pages 104 - 118. Thanks Dr Berkley Hudson.
Just started a new project. The next several weeks I'll be traveling all over the State of Alabama Photographing 24 BBQ Pit Masters that the State Tourism Department has selected to feature in a campaign to highlight the Year of Bar B Que in Alabama. Today was my first shot. Behind me is the New Gooch Traveling Studio! It's a 10' x 20' tent. I've also attached a test shot I made in the Tent Studio. He only eats BBQ, not cook it.

At home I use a couple of small timers for several task. I needed a battery for my timer.
I looked at several local stories for the small button sized replacement. I couldn't find any in town. I turned to Amazon and found several suppliers who would ship me a card of ten for no shipping fee. Total cost? $5.86.
In two days I received a small box of 200 batteries. I paid for 10. This started a one hour text messaging excursion with the company located in another state. Yes, there was a mistake, but the warehouse was in Austria. Thru Amazon we discovered that the batteries were not returnable. "Just donate" them to a charity they told me.
In my photography business, I strive to make things simple. I usually can find several ways to make jobs run simply. Easy, not complicated.
Trying to replace one small battery illustrates our dilemma in modern times. Something that should be so simple, grows into a monumental task.  


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